The End

I am heartbroken today . Maybe things have come to an end. Though I am hurt , but being hurt once is better than going through this pain again and again.Life is not easy and no one promised that it would be easier either. Time heals every wound even as huge as a heart break so I am crying to just ease it off .The best part is I’m crying for you because you would never find a girl like me .Trust me I know your every truth and lie and still I chose to close my eyes just for you. Maybe you weren’t worth it. God bless me. He may have chosen someone else, different and better.

Don’t cry that it is over or things didn’t work out between us.Just relax that it just happened. I know coping up would take time but in the end everything would make sense .GOD HAS BEEN WITH ME AND HE WOULD ALWAYS BE WITH ME . Thank you god I trust you.

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