I don’t know if I should cry that I see things coming to an end or should I be optimistic that new things will begin. I can make my mind understand things but never my heart .Heart has different functioning it never learns the reasoning. It’s been so long that I have woken up with a smile on my face .Everthing that happens around us affects us directly.

I don’t know if I would ever find someone like you. You are once in a lifetime kind of a man . Things were so great initially and I look where we are now on the edge of life . I don’t want sympathies or pity parties nothing of that sort I just needed support . My soul fell in love with you. For first time in my life did I realize that life was so beautiful when we shared it with someone .There is this strange feeling that you give me all like butterflies in stomach say now what do I do without you ? I am so lost in your dreams , enchanted when I look at you.This feeling that was new slowly became a part of my existence moving with me the entire day .Life became so beautiful that I only longed for life with you. I found everything in you .I don’t know what future holds for us but I wish you all luck and happiness.


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