Month: July 2015



Every morning is a reminder that what happened yesterday was just past .It should be forgotten and the new day should be welcomed with open arms .Life is too short to have regrets.Let us all embrace the warmth of the glowing sun .Let bygones be bygones .New day is a reminder of using this day and time better then yesterday. Smile , rise and shine just enjoy .Live life like never before. 🙂



Time is withering away…
Flowers are fading off…
There is no beauty left to see ..
Eyes doesn’t want to see tomorrow’s sun at all …
Something is dying inside…
Something is falling apart…
There is no strength left to fight…
The demon inside me is holding me tight….
I’m all chained in memories. ..
Memories of the past …
Memories of misery and sadness….
The demon shot the cupid’s arrow…
The arrow stuck my heart. .
The blood is oozing…..
I am losing…
The blood has washed it all…
The sadness , misery and fall…
I have fallen. ..
Speaking those last words…
“God save me “



Revenge is a sweet word . It’s never important to stab a dagger in someone’s heart sometimes words and actions can kill people faster than actual death. Death is easy and painful .  

” Revenge is when everyone around me is ready to kill you … and I don’t even blink an eye. Let my love die .GOD will take my revenge for my every single tear … they shall pay with their own four tears and that too in blood. “

I will rise…


Let me fly high today…
let me be beyond your reach …
let me carve a new way
before the new sun shines at the beach.

I will fly ..
I will dream…
I will drink life to fullest. ..
I shall live to be free..

No more boundaries,
No more scars ,
I will rise again
Again from ashes and tears..


What is patience ?
” It is when you walk out of the door first …..but I dont follow. … no matter what dies in me to see you walk away. ”



In my perspective losers are not those people who runaway from battlefield.The real losers are those people who keep on shooting arrows from other people’s shoulder. Why can’t people handle their issues themselves. Let them come in front and then shoot arrows why be cowards .A MAN IS ONLY CALLED A MAN WHEN HE DOES MANLY THINGS .Just by being given a birth as a boy does not make a man. If you want to be a man then be a man of character ,  will ,  strength and determination. Being privileged does not make other inferior infront of you but it should definitely make you humble. PEOPLE LOVE BEAUTIFUL FACES NOT BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER . Mirrors lie they seldom show reality so before trusting think again. Falling in pit of lies is worse than falling in pit of mud.

Not only a man but also women should live by some principles of life.Learn , grow and excel should be our motto. In today’s world a man is no different from woman .Modernity is not dressing up every friday night for club or lying naked on beach.If people want modernity then it should be modernity of thoughts.

Understanding Life

Life is a series of events. Things  aren’t as beautiful as they seem.Waiting for the right time is the best medicine. Let time heal the wound but it is very important to have a clear conscience.

In order to put yourself in a brighter light you should not put someone else in negative light .Be RESPONSIBLE for what you do.Accept your mistakes and learn from them. Dont hide and run away.Escapist Attitude don’t pay off well.Try working for solutions and try harder for finding the correct answer .We have to be answerable for our own actions.


It has all come to an end …. But I will begin again… Restart. … New day … new way…  new life. .I just need strength .I will not look back from now on.

Hope … answer to prayer

Let the new sun shine brightly on my fate. Maybe god smile on me.May things be better and a new life shall evolve .Give me hope and make me happy.May a star break tonight to fulfil all my wishes and dreams .It’s always better to be on clear side of things than be hanging between answer. Forgetting is not easy but maybe someday i’ll sit and narrate these incidents to someone as example.This has been an experience for a lifetime for me.

We all go through some situations and keep quiet about it.BUT LET US SPEAK AND SHARE. I am alright and okay .. Maybe with passing day I will be better .So let me make this life worthwhile and have a great time.

New Day.

Last night was very difficult for me . Four month old relationship coming to an end is a sharp blow on my heart .All these months have been tough for me understanding the basics the pros and cons .I cried all night , woke up a lot of times .The memories were fresh and new. I know my heart would take time it’s going to take a long while. But I know things are for the best and better.

You will find someone and so will I and things and memories would soon fade away. I will not lose hope because I know if I would fall weak my mom would feel weak and I won’t let that happen. God will answer for every tear I have left things on him. I will carve a new way begin this day with SMILE .