Every day (21/7/2015)

Life is not easy. People never understand that silence is different from cowardice. We always try to come to solutions but never has a problem ever arisen on earth that cannot be sorted out. Are people really that selfish? Why are there words different from there actions ? Should I trust there words or action ? We can never solve these answers until and unless we know someone accurately.

It’s sad future is not in my hands . Neither I have the power to change it nor prevent from what is going to happen.  True time will tell what is right and what is wrong .But waiting for time to teach us things at cost of life is not even the correct answer.  What should I do ? Is one person only responsible for carrying out a relationship ? How can it be called a relationship if only one person is involved ? Life has lost it’s meaning. Only god can come up with an answer.

I think in these past few days my trust on god has increased to a level where with every breath I take God’s name and seek his guidance. Maybe god gave me what I asked for but he left it all on me to carve a way out of problems. Of course , it has never been easy to get what we want . Maybe with time I will reach my destination with god’s help .I hope things turn out to be better then what I expect .

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