karma … The God’s Plan

I don’t know if I should laugh or weep for I desire it but don’t desire it in the way it has turned up. Truth always find it’s way no matter how late. Human mind may see a problem what they fail to see is the cause of it. Is not the present suffering the cause of past faults .I request anyone who reads this post be honest .People have lied to me and they have been slapped in face by truth . Never distrust god we may feel he is not bothered but he is watching us follow his plan. It’s sad that people dont value relationships neither they accept  relations easily nor they make an effort to make it work.  Honestly  speaking , what is god going to do if we aren’t ready to make an effort .People are selfish and arrogant . Does money decides someone’s worth in today’s world ?Who are we earning for ? What are we getting in return ? What if the person we are earning money for is not alive to reap the benefit of it .Never and I request never to make someone feel inferior to you in financial position.  Make an effort trust god. I know it is a slow process but it’s most effective in the long run .Please god shower your blessings on me ,whosoever reads this post and all your creations.We do make faults and never apologise but in the end we are all your kids and sooner or later only your door is open for us .

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