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In my perspective losers are not those people who runaway from battlefield.The real losers are those people who keep on shooting arrows from other people’s shoulder. Why can’t people handle their issues themselves. Let them come in front and then shoot arrows why be cowards .A MAN IS ONLY CALLED A MAN WHEN HE DOES MANLY THINGS .Just by being given a birth as a boy does not make a man. If you want to be a man then be a man of character ,  will ,  strength and determination. Being privileged does not make other inferior infront of you but it should definitely make you humble. PEOPLE LOVE BEAUTIFUL FACES NOT BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER . Mirrors lie they seldom show reality so before trusting think again. Falling in pit of lies is worse than falling in pit of mud.

Not only a man but also women should live by some principles of life.Learn , grow and excel should be our motto. In today’s world a man is no different from woman .Modernity is not dressing up every friday night for club or lying naked on beach.If people want modernity then it should be modernity of thoughts.