You cannot hate someone you have loved

35 thoughts on “Love

      1. haven’t someone done something sooooooo wrong with you? or maybe done something extremely wrong period that all the love simply drains out. also sometimes enough chances are already given that you cant give another one and when u decide not to care all the hatred of over the years just substitute any other feeling you had for that person

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      2. Well … initially it’s hatred but after a period of time it’s only numbness the that you feel . Love never drains out. It’s just that we move away and we no longer cross each other’s path but all the nostalgia would return if u see that person again.
        I don’t need sympathies no one did wrong to me .I was engaged to get married to a guy who was a doucebag .He was more than a boy but less than a man. ( no guts to take responsibility ) so I called off the engagement. I did not wanted to spend my life with someone who had an escapist behaviour ( problem ayi aur bhago ) so I saved myself. But I did like him

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      3. Yeah I know but I don’t upload too many pics anyways na, so don’t see too much utility. Don’t worry I’m pretty sure I’ll be in it pretty soon cause my friends won’t me leave otherwise


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