I kneel down…
Fold my hands…
Close my eyes…
But who am I remembering ?
Is it GOD or u ?
What do I want ?
Where should I go?
Who should I pray to ?

I’ve been praying to god everyday .But recently I’ve been blank while praying. I dont know what I want or what I should ask god for.I have let my life in God’s hand … I will just pray and remember god in every breath I take . I don’t want you anymore.You did not even try to mend things. All the while it has jst been me who tried and tried but today. . I GIVE UP ON YOU… “

FACT : You love someone so much you can’t even hate them after knowing what they did to you .

4 thoughts on “PRAY

  1. Pray to god cause as my friend says to me ” all of this isnt real. Our presence today. What happened today does not matter. What does is the ultimate goal to be in his presence and to find him. ”


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