Just ME


Today I looked at her in the mirror. She looked familiar .I remember those pair of light brown eyes with depth that were usually filled with laughter and naughtiness. I kept staring in those eyes for a while . Instead of laughter they were brimming with tears. UNSHED TEARS .She is still 21 nothing has changed about her looks in these six months. She is still fair , her hair straight , her hands soft , her lips pink.

She is the same girl I knew but something has changed about her.She is not her usual self . Her features are deceiving everyone.Something in her is dead and broken .I’m trying to find her old self but she is there no more .She has scars on her heart that no one will ever see. She maybe nostalgic but she will never speak. She’d be cold as ice and death . It’s going to take a long while for that ice to break or melt.

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