The Fate

Strange stars have been ruling and guiding my life right now. What I want and what is happening are two different things .I am at a standstill of life neither I see a way nor I have optimism left to see the light. I have been trying to manage things all by myself for a while but maybe god wants it other way round .At one point I want things to work out really well between us and our families but I seem to be the only person to be wanting that now. What about everyone else ? It never meant me working or me putting an effort.

Life is losing it’s meaning. We are all in a fix or dead lock .To handshake with someone the first initiative that we have to take is to put the hand forward .BUT NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP. So should we lose each other because of the ego or initiative. Why do relationships depend in so many variables? I really wish relationships were independent and based on love .Rarely , people understand that relationships should not be influenced.

I don’t know if I matter to you or not ? I maybe young immature and dumb . But no even for once did u cared that I depended on you. To be honest I don’t know if I should go ahead with you or not . Every one in life experiences a different problem in their relationships . Our problem stems from families and just families. GOD only can intervene in this matter .I am just his disciple.

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