Falling Apart

Life is really funny.I don’t understand gods plan . Sometimes it feels that he is on our side and sometimes we feel that there are so many obstacles he has posed in our way.Why do we meet people who aren’t supposed to be in our lives? It is really heart breaking to know that you love some people so much and then a point comes in life where you dont know if they would be there with you. There is one sun but there are so many seasons. We are humans but we go through so many emotions . Sadly , we have no control over them . Between mind and heart who wins ?

I don’t know if I feel broken today because of my level of attachment or because there were so many dreams connected to it . I am not losing hope but I see things falling apart and to some level I know who is responsible for it .But how does it matter ? Should I be the only person  responsible for carrying things forward . I have left things on GOD .

I pray to god today and every second of my life for he is my sole guide.May every step I take be guided and choosen by god.

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