Oddly , life has taught me an another lesson today that more than needing a friend I needed an enemy. I know whosoever reads this would call me stupid but this is not my innocence speaking but my experience . We live are families for so long that an unbreakable bond develops between us. They are there for us and we are there for them. This relationship is on such a strong foundation that minor earthquake of difficult times and hardships cannot shake it .For a while they may be affect but the foundation is still firm. Sadly, what makes this foundation weak is love and no other emotion. Love is definitely a strong feeling but so are family values and respect.We are all blind in love and that is a fact I may deny it and you may also deny it but deep down we all know.

Now , if love is blind who will open our eyes ? Who will show us a clear picture of life ? Looking at things from a rose coloured glass always is not a good idea. This is why I need an ENEMY. I thank him for showing me the truth .He may not read this blog ever , he may never know if it even exists but I THANK him. He removed that rose coloured fantasy glass that was on my eyes for long .I was at a point where love and family was on the same staircase but with his stabbing a dagger on my family’s respect and integrity .I HAVE OPENED MY EYES. He has made me set my priorities right.My FAMILY COMES FIRST AND NO ONE ELSE.

It’s true that he may find a hundred girls more beautiful , smart , intelligent and mature than me. But he’s never gonna get or find someone like me.Funnily , I have never desired a hundred but just ONE no matter he is an average person but at least he respects me and my family.

Thank you god you teach me something new everyday .Thank you to my new enemy as well I have learned something from you as well.

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