Sad :-(

Love makes you weak. We should never love someone so much that we forget about our self respect and integrity. When I said that I love u …. I meant everyword of it.I dod not say it for the sake of saying it . But what your family did to me is extremely bad . I know you love your family more and I never expected you to keep be before them .But does that gives you and your family the right to crush my self respect under your feet. Loving is my choice not my weakness .Who am I kidding u don’t care about me I don’t matter anymore or anyway.

I know walking away is a huge decision but what else do I do…. I see no other way. Your parents have always been yours they never accepted me and for a change I know they never will . Why am I getting married to you ? Your job , country or status does not affects me and you should know it as a plain fact .I ONLY WANTED RESPECT and sadly you dont have that for me. What is the point of me bending down over and over again anf daying sorry. Who am I doing it all for ? I’m maybe better off alone . Let time carve a way. Let god make my destiny shine brighter than diamond that when someone tries to look at it they close there eyes but my destiny shall never lose its brightness.

Really god , I have been your disciple unselfish and always keeping you in heart. I know you will not pay me for my innocence like that .I wait for your judgement now ..

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