Morning prayer

It’s true that each one of us wakes up with the same feeling that we sleep with. Even after the passage of so long time of sleep our mind may not function away  the problem .Why do we dwell on the problems for so long ? We need answers to everything no matter how long it takes .Clarity and honesty are relationships are those strong pillars in a relation without which a building can never be built.

I know I slept with a sad heart and have woken up with the same. Even my conscience is mocking at me now.O god! help me in this . Let everyone including me pay for there sins . Never punish me more then my sins .You hold the sin book of everyone’s life let all be paid fairly. I’ve never cursed someone but I am a human even I lose my mental balance. But I will wait for the time when all my questions will be answered and when everyone will be repaid back with interest. I have been humiliated and disgraced to such an extent that I hate my very existence , but I’m still waiting for your judgement. I keep my honour, respect , integrity in your feet today and leave it on you to decide and take a fair decision .

I request all of you to just leave things on god instead of just trying to jump to judgement. God has a plan for me and everyone as well. Let’s see when I get my answer sooner or later but I will surely get it.

(22/7/2015)(09 :29AM)

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